A Fun health and socially based activity for both WOMEN and men

Walking Football is an increasingly popular fun health activity both Internationally and within other States of Australia, and a roll out is currently being attempted for Communities and Clubs throughout Tasmania.
It can be well adapted to both indoor and outdoor venues as appropriate, making it possible for year round participation within the range of climatic conditions experienced across the State.
Health Professionals and Politicians are increasingly acknowledging the potential health benefits, and its role in lifelong physical activity.

physical and mental health is the focuS …….
football is the “vehicle”

This health and socially based activity is for both
It is a no contact activity requiring no previous skill in kicking a ball – you just need a little enthusiasm, be able to walk at your own pace and
the ability to have fun – the enjoyment will look after itself!
Why not ….GIVE IT A GO!


Glenorchy – Moonah Sports Centre

Credit: Simon Andrews, Reporter – Glenorchy Gazette

Some of the enthusiastic Participants from the Glenorchy Municipality

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Simon Andrews reports for the ‘Glenorchy Gazette’ on Walking Football in Glenorchy.

Credit: Simon Andrews, Reporter – Glenorchy Gazette
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