Walking Football Tasmania Inc. has a totally not-for-profit, Community focused philosophy and approach in attempting to promote and facilitate the fun, physical and mental health based activity for (mainly) mature folk and/or those wishing to maintain a connection with the game beyond thier mainstream playing careers.

Most activities offered through Walking Football Tasmania Inc. will be facilitated as Reclink Australia Events.

As the Tasmanian Electorate of Lyons is vast, comprising many Municipalities with varying demographics, the initial focus therefore is planned for throughout Lyons and from proposed locations within those Municipalites.

With major support from Reclink Australia in staging and helping promote some participation events, an expansion of Walking Football activity is envisaged for 2023 and beyond, and thereafter, to include remaining Tasmanian Communities.

It is also envisaged promotion support may be offered by Municipal Councils, allied Businesses/Organisations, Health Professionals and Elected Politicians.

Walking Football Tasmania Inc. looks forward to advancing this endeavour.