This information attempts to outline some background in the pursuit to develop Walking Football throughout Tasmania.

The screening of an ABC Television Article some years ago (pre COVID) documented a group of mature active people in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney. The Group had formed a collective to meet a couple of times a week to improve their Physical and Mental Health and have fun, passively walking and kicking a round ball around a small (basketball court sized) area – it is called Walking Football.

Having spent many years wanting to re-engage with the game that provided so much enjoyment throughout earlier years, the enthusiasm had returned – but where to play in Tasmania?

At that time, searching Locally and Nationally provided few results, and although not a great amount of attention was being taken of this engaging Physical and Mental Health Activity aimed at mature folk, Health Professionals, State Governments in Mainland States and the Federal Government were beginning to realise the potential – the evolution had began.

Searching and inquiring within Tasmania around mainstream football clubs and the Tasmanian Governing Body was disheartening – there appeared no interest in providing a pathway for players over 50 years. It is hoped, that in view of the massive testimonial evidence streaming from the mainland, attitudes in Tasmania may have matured.

At that time, many from within the structured Club environment expressed no or token interest, which lead to Community based Organisations being approached to provide an outlet. Interest was offered from the YMCA, in particular, it was YMCA Launceston (sadly now closed) that answered the call. Some individuals from that startup have now formed the basis of a Playing Group at the PCYC Launceston.

In the pursuit of available playing activity, the Kingborough Sports Centre was contacted with the idea, and pleasingly, they now offer weekly participation for a Walking Football group. This is to be applauded.

It is the aim of this online presents, planned promotional activities, support from Municipal Councils, Health Professionals and Elected Politicians that we envisage the escalation of Walking Football throughout many more Tasmanian Municipalities.

If you think this Activity might interest you, please take time to register an interest so we may walk and talk together soon – and look out for any ‘Give It A Go’ publicity and Events in your Municipality.